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Happy customers

The service was exceptional. Richard kept me informed of when he would be arriving to do the job. The work was completed promptly and my property has always passed fire inspection the first time since using Oakland Hills Brush Clearing.

Stanley S.

Great service, very friendly, on time, fast and thorough. This team knows what they’re doing. Hire them! Richard is a gem.

Truffs D.

I purchased a home in the Oakland Hills that had at least ten years of accumulated brush, logs and debris that had never been cleared. Richard and his assistant did a tremendous job.

Sean F.






Commitment to clients

Our commitment is to serve our clients. We believe at the deepest level, that if our company seeks sales over service, we have failed. This commitment has led us to develop a distinctive approach in our company training, technique and tools that set us apart from our competitors and ensure we provide an efficient, effective service to our clients.


Protecting lives & properties

We’re honored to help our clients, knowing that the valuable work we do helps protect lives and property through preventing and reducing the risk of fire. Having worked with fire officials and home owners for over 20 years, we guarantee our services will meet or exceed fire regulations and will pass annual Oakland Fire Dept. inspections. To ensure our services are professional, efficient and safe, our company uses only the highest quality equipment.


Of our environment

We are committed to protecting the environment. We strive to use only the most efficient, low-emission power equipment and ensure that all our equipment purchases meet or exceeds EPA specifications. Our company provides mandatory training in plant identification, endangered species, and creekside protection in order to ensure our services are unmatched in quality and environmental stewardship.

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